EXH - move from good to great. Based in Shanghai and founded in 2006, we strive for excellence in urban planning, architecture and interiors, whilst providing creative architectural solutions for clients who look for quality. 
With seven years of experience planning and building in China, we have realised dozens of high quality projects and know how to turn constrains into potentials. 
Our international team combines the best of two worlds, from technical knowledge to cultural inspirations.

Our Working Method

1. ANALYZING: requests, conditions and context 
2. CONCEPTION: based on useful information 
3. DEVELOPING PROJECT: concept strengthening technically applicable project development. Intensively working with engineers, municipalities and cost advisers to manage the preparation for production. 
4. SITE SUPERVISION: quality control cost control site management design changes

Our Goal

We are aiming to balance and integrate all input strategically and intelligently. We take every effort to find the optimizing solutions with emphasis on a quality product.

Our strengths

We do custom made, practice with qualified management and construction, problem solving and innovative partners.

Our Team

Our team is a group of architects with advanced professional knowledge and rich experience, who are thinking and exploring the Chinese and world culture by trying in a contemporary way.


Erich Diserens
Dipl. Arch. HTL | Founder Partner

1984-1988  Architecture study at Ingenieurschule Biel and 
 FHBB Dipl. Arch HTL
1988-1990 Architect in Hostettler Partner, Biel
1990-1992 Architect in B&S de Montmollin, Biel
1999-2001 Study of business administration at HSW Luzern, 
 Executive Master of business studies
1992-2006 Associate Herzog & de Meuron
2006- Now Partner of EXH DESIGN, Shanghai
, China
Zhang Xi
Dipl. Arch. ETHZ | Founder Partner

1997-2002  Architecture study in Tongji University, Shanghai
2002-2004  Internship and Junior Architect in Herzog & de Meuron, Basel
2004-2006  Architecture study in ETH Zürich, Dipl.Arch ETH
2006- Now Partner of EXH DESIGN, Shanghai
, China


51fdd3063c209.jpg Current team members: Xi Zhang,Erich Diserens, Gerd Voith, Penn Chen, Terry Yin, Jiao Luo, Jürg Burger, Beixin Li, Kasia Jackowska, Jinqi Gu, Ye Yuan, Yingying Zhang, Qian Cao, Bo Wang, Ying Mao, Zhiying Tong, Xiaodan Ji, Tingxuan Zheng, Weike Li, Xiaozhou Zhao, Nathalie Kaser, Yibin Fu, Yibei Zhang,Judy Peng, Jennifer Qian, Yu Chen.
Past members: Fang Shu Jun, Zhao Hao, Meng Hao, Qi Le Cheng, Ding Wen Jing, Wang Xi Fang, Yin Wei, Wei Wei, Wang Yue, Shi Yan, Zhao Qin, Jiang Wei, Wang Wen Ting, Liu Zhi Yong, Liu Ke Nan, Yao Su Su, Huang Ling Hui, Chen Tao, Bao Lei, Sun Zhan Jie, Jade Jiang, Estalle Zhu, Ding Zi Yue, Zu Xing Hua, Lu Jun, Wang Si Yuan, Liu Qi, Li Yao, Sophia Wang, Max Liao, Ellie Zhao, Chen Meng Jie, Patrick Wu, Dong Yi,Yang Tianbao,Sanhoi Lam, Emilia  Jansson, Peter Becker, Susanne Brigitte Oellbrunner, Nicko  Elliot, Hans Ulrich Suter, Bruno  Graf, Alfs  Lorenz, Lenka Gmucova, Tifenn  Delannee, Michael  Grundleger, Michael Suchanek, Madeleine Schwendimann, Philipp Betschart, Martina Knotkova, Adam Haspica, Florence  Durand, Jonas Hjortsh?j S?rensen, Margaux der Agopian, Juan Alberto Morillas Martin, Hannes Fromel, Eduardo  Andreu, Emanuele Francesco Matthias Odazzi,Emilie Alexandre


Based in Shanghai, Founded by Erich Diserens and Zhang Xi in 2006, EXH has completed multiple projects with LEED gold awards, and now a team of 20 people with different nationalities.