EXH is an expanding dynamic design practice and has completed diverse projects with high quality, both in design and in realization. 
We welcome talented, passionated, clear minded and especially experienced architects to join our team.
Please send the following items to (<2M):
2.Samples of work
3.Preselection question list

Please understand that we can not reply every email due to the large number of applications submitted.

Job Description

1.Senior architect
- Passion for work; good time management ability; good communication of design quality and techniques as well as the construction process control
- Good team leadership and coordination, be able to control a 3-5 person project team;
- 3 years working experience is required; good understanding of high-end modern life work; have construction plans / construction experience;
- Strong sense of responsibility and efficiency;
- Good interpersonal and teamwork skills; organizational ability, and ability to  long-term study;
- Will give priority to: medium and large scale construction projects in various stages, and boutique interior design projects.

2.Junior architect / Intern
- Continued enthusiasm for work, with desire to create and change things,good time management ability, with a clear mind of arranging work;
- Prepare and modify project drawings, models, photographs and other relevant project documents under the supervision of the project manager or designated  architect;
- Take initiative to understand project design; can further discuss on design and provide individual perspective;
- Assist actively with other project work according to the project leader or team needs;
- Good sense of design and complete the work efficiently;
- Proficient in the following programs: AutoCAD, Photoshop, InDesign, Office and so on.

Internship Q&A

Have you had any good experiences with international student (interns) in the past?
Absolutely. We receive hundreds of applications worldwide a year, and select only around 10 from them. 
We have collaborated with more than 50 interns in the past. Currently we have 3 interns from Germany, Australia and China.

Do most of the architects speak English or are there some who speak only Chinese?
We have staff half international half chinese, office language is english. Fluent english is a must to work in our office. 

What expectations do you have from the intern, and what kind of work would they do (models, rendering, 2D drawing)?
We expect the best performance from everyone. 
Parallel we are running more than 6 projects, for big projects there is a team, for small project there is one person, some have even 2 projects in one person.
Whatever intern or architect, when it fits, they are in charge of a small project or a part of big project. 
We insist that the same person works on a project from beginning till the end, from concept till construction. 
That's why at least 4 month internship is necessary to watch and experience a project process.
Intern must be able to do everything to express their ideas, proposals, and present projects in a qualified level. 
We have rendering company for professional images.
There is no roof for interns. We are glad to watch them grow.

Which software do you use in your office?  
Autocad, photoshop, indesign, illustrator, acrobat, sketchup / rhino, word/excel/ppt, outlook
Physical models, sketch skills are strongly concerned.

What type of documents will I need to prepare, if I am to stay nine months?
For nine months we could assist you for business visa. 

HR Contact

Judy Peng
HR Manager 
T: 86 21 3377 3396 
F: 86 21 3377 3398